How to download SoundCloud to MP3

Download SoundCloud to MP3

You can download SoundCloud to mp3 in few seconds. All you have to do is download and install Video Downloader HD and directly on your laptop or PC you will have offline podcasts, artists, bands, your audio files or other recordings.

With Video Downloader HD you can convert any URL on Soundcloud to MP3 format. All you have to do is to copy the URL from the web page on SoundCloud, start the Video Downloader HD application and click the Paste button, choose the MP3 format from the “Convert to” menu and then click the Start button. Or you can follow step by step below to download anything from Soundcloud in seconds.

SoundCloud has become the largest audio platform, in recent years more and more users choosing to listen audio format in the car, doing sports or on vacation where the quality of the internet is poor. By moving audio files to your phone, tablet or laptop, you can listen to these files wherever you want without an internet connection. The internet connection will no longer be a problem from the moment you have the podcasts, artists or any audio you need from SoundCloud on your device, offline.

How to download SoundCloud to mp3?

  1. Download and install the Video Downloader HD on your Windows laptop or PC: CNET Download or Download from

2. Open the SoundCloud page on your browser and right click on the address bar and choose Copy from the opened menu.

How to download Soundcloud to mp3

3. Open the Video Downloader HD application and click the Paste button.

Soundcloud to mp3 downloader

4. Leave “Source to” on original and “Convert to” change to MP3 and choose your quality to convert SoundCloud to mp3 on your laptop or PC.

5. Click Start button to start the SoundCloud download.

What is SoundCloud?

SoundCloud is the largest music streaming platform in the world, an European platform, Swedish-founded online audio distribution platform and music sharing website in Berlin, Germany, where users can record, upload and promote audio, as well to stream audio.

What is MP3 format?

Moving Picture Experts Group has developed MP3 or MPEG Layer 3 which is a digital audio format.

To play the quality of CDs without any noticeable difference at a much smaller size required the development of MP3, which compresses an audio file with a factor of 10 – 12.

MP3 files have a bit rate that ranges from 90 kbps – 320 kbps, the lower the bit rate, the lower the sound quality.

An audio file that has about 11 MB would be reduced to about 1 MB in MP3 format, which means that some information will be deleted from the original sound by this conversion, a process called perceptual or temporal noise formation.