How to download YouTube to MP3, Youtube2mp3

Youtube to MP3

MP3 has become a widely used audio format nowadays and the most sought after thing is to convert videos and download Youtube to MP3, the most popular being Youtube2mp3.

In recent years, a lot of music, podcasts or other audio mp3 are listened headphones or when people are driving their car, and when you don’t feel like streaming or you’re on the mountain, on the beach or on the highway where you don’t have an internet connection, it’s best to the whole playlist downloaded offline to play what you really want.

How to download YouTube to mp3?

To download Youtube2mp3 files is very simple, it’s exactly what you want to do. Video Downloader HD can download you youtube2mp3 immediately. All you have to do is visit the download page: download the application and install it.

How do I convert Youtube2mp3?

After you have installed Video Downloader HD on your laptop or desktop that has Windows, you need to copy the URL from the desired YouTube video that you want to convert to mp3, insert it in the application and press green “Start” button.

1. Download and install the Video Downloader HD on your Windows laptop or PC: CNET Download or Download from

2. Open the YouTube video page on your browser and right click on the address bar and choose Copy from the opened menu.

YouTube to MP3

3. Open the Video Downloader HD application and click the Paste button.


4. Leave “Source to” on original and “Convert to” change to MP3 and choose your quality to convert YouTube to MP3 on your laptop or PC.

5. Click Start button to start the YouTube2MP3 download.